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Our services are comprehensive to ensure you find exactly what you need to satisfy your IT requirements.

IT Support

Any department in your business needs support. When you source the support from a third-party organization such as Roundtrip IT Group, you’re turning to a trusted partner ready to offer top-shelf support. Our IT support services ensure that your teams always have a place to turn to when they need a helping hand with their technology. Our IT support team can help resolve multiple issues, including software errors, hardware failures, and installation problems.

Examples of IT Support Solutions We Offer

Helpdesk Support

We have a support team that deeply understands your IT services and systems to respond to any issue as soon as it arises! We deliver expert IT support to employees and clients in order to ensure that unexpected downtime is limited, enabling your teams to get back on track much more quickly. Our support can be in the form of phone calls or remote sessions to maximize their convenience and accessibility to your business.

Backup Services

Organizational data can pile up over time. Regardless of that, it still needs to be stored safely. Backup services help with archiving the data employees and management don't use often, but still might require access to throughout the course of their duties. Regular backups will help reduce downtime when there's hardware or network failure in your company.

Proactive Support

Our services go beyond troubleshooting—they also include the proactive support of your core systems in the form of updates, patches and management of new configurations in order to ensure that your systems run optimally for longer periods of time, with no compromises!